Bittersweet Rock’n’Roll with the Danish ICEAGE

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  • The nuanced, lush, and untameable ICEAGE confirmed for Devilstone, 12th to 15th of July, Anykščiai.
  • ICEAGE – a fresh gust of analogue authenticity and one of the most successful Scandinavian alternative music exports.
  • Amidst extensive touring, the band is releasing their fourth record, Beyondless, in May. It is to be presented for Devilstone’s audience.

Listening to ICEAGE’s first records, it’s easy to imagine Copenhagen’s small punk rock clubs, all moshing around… It’s hard to believe that this garage-hardcore band of childhood friends has grown to become a world-famous act, exploring and conquering new stylistic territories with each album. ICEAGE’s silver bullets have reached maximum acceleration during the eight years and have finally pierced all hearts thirsty of some innovative punk-rock.

ICEAGE doesn’t care much about the hearts of music industry workers though; judging from their interviews, music journalists are the worst people in the world: their answers are often wary, curt, or even childishly cranky… ICEAGE doesn’t do anything by the book and it turned out for the best – their albums are now distributed by New York’s own Matador Records, who threat the young Danes the same as their other “children” – INTERPOL and QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE.

Once you think you finally figured out what style ICEAGE represent, they release a new album and mix up all the cards again. The chimes and sounds of the mandolin, the viola, the piano, and the trumpet, the arid coolness of post-punk, the genuine hardcore aggression, the depths of country, soul, and blues, and the experiments of art rock all travel up and down the emotional scale from desperation to euphoria, from fury to humour… There will be a lot of extremities and clashes in the new ICEAGE’s album, but we’d like to think that the unchanging constant of romance-imbued negativity will not go anywhere and make the East stage at #devilstone18 throb with energy.


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