The American Duo BOY HARSHER to Perform at Devilstone’s Barbablu Stage

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  • The 10th edition of #devilstone18 welcomes BOY HARSHER straight from the USA! 
  • BOY HARSHER – one of the hottest minimal synth/darkwave acts of today. 
  • The duo’s show in Anykščiai will be their first concert in Lithuania!

BOY HARSHER from Massachusetts, USA is one of the most prominent darkwave acts in the world. The members of this project, Augustus Muller and Jae Matthews, describe their own work briefly as dark electronic; quite fitting as being laconic is one of the main aesthetic principles. Simple rhythms, moderate use of vintage effects, and sharp Jae’s voice cutting through the minimalistic melodies easily coax the listener into movement.

Jae’s echoing chants and her intimidating whispers specifically are the goldmine of BOY HARSHER distinguishing the project from everything else. On the one hand, it’s easy to imagine yourself in some underground goth club in the 90’s while listening to BOY HARSHER; but on the other, the high definition and innovative manipulations of their sound clear all thoughts of time travel and entrap in the present moment with intense techno beats.

BOY HARSHER’s Yr Body is Nothing, now a cult in the alternative dance music scene, is a high-voltage hypnosis séance luring into dark ant cathartic revelations. The music is a rhythmic and somewhat playful flirting with gloom and nihilism, best experienced in a live show engulfed in darkness.

BOY HARSHER is one of the most anticipated acts of the 10th edition of Devilstone; they’re going to join the forces with SONIC JESUS and THE KVB at the Barbablu Stage.

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