BRUTUS – the ultimate breakthrough of Belgium‘s alternative scene

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  • BRUTUS are currently one of the most sought-after guitar music projects in Europe, known for their innovative approach to everything post.
  • Last year the hyper energetic trio released their debut album Burst which enchanted loud music fans worldwide and received a healthy dose of critical acclaim.
  • The epicentre of practically non-stop touring act is governed by the vocalist-drummer Stefanie Mannaerts whose ‘give it all‘ attitude and versatility can be best appreciated – you guessed it – in live settings.

Devilstone 2018 is hyped as ever to present BRUTUS – an expressive Belgian trio who have been proving themselves as some of the most intense live acts in the new generation of guitar music since their debut album release last year.

Although BRUTUS have been performing live for several years now, it was not until their full-length studio debut coming out at the beginning of 2017 that the world got to fully appreciate the band‘s unique sound. Burst, which was recorded in Canada in a span of several weeks, is an immersive experience of sheer intensity too multifaceted to be reduced to any of generic definitions.

BRUTUS are creatively fusing the best parts of everything post, whether it be post-hardcore, post-punk or post-rock. It is almost hard to believe that such multi-layered bursts of energy can be brought to life by merely three individuals. On the other hand, one should already know by now that the impact of music can be hardly predicted by the number of musicians performing it – and the capabilities of BRUTUS only add to the rule.

As more than a year has passed since the release of Burst, BRUTUS no longer hold the status of emerging debutants surprised by their own success. They know exactly what they have done. This is not yet another band whose potential may or may not fully unfold in several upcoming years. Major festivals and venues are fighting to get these guys on their lineups. BRUTUS are currently one of the most wanted post-alternative acts in Europe, which makes us overjoyed to bring them to Lithuania. 

From shoegazey walls of sound to post-metal dynamics, from occasionally naïve lyrics to tormenting vocals, from high-brow attitude to fists held high, the performance of BRUTUS is without a doubt to be one of the most memorable ones of Devilstone’s 2018 edition.

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