The Great 4 of Barbablu: Colourful Duos at the Youngest Devilstone’s Stage

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  • Four successful and progressive electronic duos from Europe and the US are to define this year‘s Barbablu experience.
  • Barbablu is the youngest Devilstone‘s experiment destined for action quite different from instrumental rock & roll vibes at the East stage or the West stage’s extreme alternative approach. 
  • BOY HARSHER, THE KVB, DIE WILDE JAGD and FIRST HATE are four differently unique duos which lead Devilstone 2018 to the new stage of its evolution.

Last year‘s new-born Barbablu started out as an experiment for the type of music that didn‘t quite merge with neither of the other Devilstone‘s stages and ultimately became the place for people who were less into headbanging and more into dancing. Also, that was where the #devilisfine hashtag was born. Fastforward to this year, Barbablu is coming back with a more defined vision of dreamy yet groovy vibe, primarily defined by four kinds of electro: the harsh kind of BOY HARSHER, the dreamy kind of THE KVB, the mystical kind of DIE WILDE JAGD and the nostalgic one of FIRST HATE.

The poets of black latex and commanders of the harsh itself BOY HARSHER make one of the most outstanding darkwave projects in this day and age. The Massachusetts duo gained massive acclaim in recent years spreading their cold, almost brutal neo-gothic electro virus in underground dancefloors all around the globe. Augustus Muller and Jae Matthews have mastered the balance between the savage and the soothing by layering vintage effects, minimal melodies and Jae‘s deep vocals supported by ferocious beats.

Creatively uber-productive audio-visual project THE KVB capture attention with slightly subtler and more nuanced methods. The British duo of Klaus Von Barrel and Kat Day are currently residing in Berlin and produce psychedelic electronics with post-punk groove, shoegaze dynamics and dreamy vocals.

Another Berlin‘s duo DIE WILDE JAGD are progressive shamans of analog means of production. They are more than capable of merging modified sounds of nature, classical krautrock, hypnotic psychedelia and exotic folk motifs. From bulky beats to medieval percussions, from Arabic to Far East sonic themes – Sebastian Lee Philipp and Ralf Beck create eclectic yet organic fantasy universe governed by the forces of nature itself.

Copenhagen‘s youth FIRST HATE channel their excess energy into sweet-sour pop with pure melodies, Euro-Trance vibes, 90‘s-infused synths, mellow beats and deep vocals. Anton Falck Gansted and Joakim Nørgaard are basically today‘s PET SHOP BOYS with an aura of JOY DIVISION who are ready to turn Barbablu into the most summery stage of Devilstone 2018.

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