Colourful Experimenters SHORTPARIS

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  • The ambitious SHORTPARIS erase any lines between performance arts, theatre, and live concerts. 
  • Having an unusual taste for venues (shops, abandoned houses), SHORTPARIS is constantly teasing their audience and names themselves as an opposition to contemporary music. 
  • They sing in French, English, and Russian. 
  • SHORTPARIS describes themselves as “audiotheatre”.

Difficult times beget revolutionary music. Devilstone has never shied away from such musical statements, the eleventh edition is no different: one of the main guests this year are the charismatic, the ambitious, and the piquant SHORTPARIS. They are determined to push away the generic rockstars and already play sold-out shows abroad.

At the first glance, SHORTPARIS is a playful and harmless flirt with post-industrial, rock, darkwave, post-punk, and the avant-garde. Tearful Nikolay Komiagin’s falsetto casts a shadow of anxiety and tragedy and their music videos evoke serious contemplation.

While the media is still trying to grasp which aspect of the SHORTPARIS phenomenon is ironic or satirical, the band invites Europe to dance again this summer. Might be that SHORTPARIS is frivolous. Might be that everything is much more serious than it appears. Either way, their passionate concerts are a great way to get away from the reality, or from yourself. Experience this at Devilstone, 11 – 14 of July.

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