Devilstone 2019 Presents the Festival Programme

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  • The 11th edition of Devilstone will electrify Dainuva valley once again – see the full programme!
  • More than 50 acts to play across all the festival stages on 11-14 of July.
  • From psychedelia from Tokyo to Siberian post-punk, from British alternative to exposition on aliens and Scandinavian dark humour... Devilstone 2019 promises heaps of yet undiscovered musical experiences and a colourful weekend.

The West Stage remains the heart of Devilstone – here, the Swedes WATAIN will hold their bloody black metal mass, SODOM will make the valley tremble with their wild German thrash, and the Dutch CARACH ANGREN will perform a true avant-garde spectacle. Meanwhile, at the East Stage, the psychedelic punks TURBOWOLF will raise the roof, TESSERACT will mesmerise with proggy riffs and powerful vocals. Also at the East – Japanese hippies KIKAGAKU MOYO, alternative hurricane from Leeds PULLED APART BY HORSES, rebellious Brits THE BLINDERS and rock’n’rollers from France KO KO MO. Barbablu zone will host the Turkish post-punk pearl SHE PAST AWAY, the summery vibes of the Danish LUST FOR YOUTH, the deceptively innocent pop of SHORTPARIS, and the apocalyptic ravers IC3PEAK.

During the day, Gamma stage will hold open discussions on music-related topics, the legendary MC GROWL contest, and other workshops; though once the guitars are silent it will transform into a night-time cinema. The centrepiece of this year’s MASS HYPNOSIS is the exposition of dark humour comics by Icelandic cartoonist Hugleikur Dagsson. Those looking for active leisure time can participate in the annual football and volleyball tournaments and conquer the Monster Energy ramp and those who never tire will be entertained all night by the club Lizdas crew.

THURSDAY // 11 July

11:30 // Festival gates open

Mass Hypnosis // Strangers. Aliens
15:00 // Exhibition opens 
15:00 // RPG Shack: Role-playing games
20:00 // Modern dance, music, and poetry performance Rūko Siūlės 
21:00 // Sigita Juraškaitė: Dance performance NSO

Devilstone Makeup Studio: every day from 09:00/10:00 until 22:00 
Daily workshops: bodyart–bodypaint, piercing, drawing, art installations, creative interaction

Gamma stage
24:00 // So Bad They’re Good [Midnight Cinema]

Barbablu stage
17:45 // ______________ :) 
19:05 // PANZERFAUST black metal; Canada
20:35 // UNIFORM industrial, cyber-punk; USA
22:25 // UADA black metal; USA
00:25 // MARTYRDÖD crust, d-beat; Sweden

East stage
16:00 // TIMID KOOKY experimental, alternative rock; Lithuania
17:15 // LYSISTRATA noise, post-rock, math; France
18:40 // KO KO MO psycho, retro, power rock; France
20:05 // THE BLINDERS alternative, punkadelic; UK
21:35 // SHORTPARIS avant-pop, experimental; Russia
23:40 // TESSERACT djent, progressive; UK

Lizdas stage
03:30 // 12 INČŲ PO ŽEME

FRIDAY // 12 July

Mass Hypnosis // Strangers. Aliens
11:00 // RPG Shack: Role-playing games
12:00 // Hugleikur Dagsson exhibition opening at Anykščiai public library
15:00 // Slam poetry session 
19:00 // Stefanija Nosovaitė: Modern dance Mujeres 
20:00 // Skintense: Body suspension 
21:00 // Migrena: Motion & electronic music

Devilstone Makeup Studio: every day from 09:00/10:00 until 22:00 
Daily workshops: bodyart–bodypaint, piercing, drawing, art installations, creative interaction

Gamma stage
11:50 // Discussion: What does the West stage need?
As the musical selection at the West Stage is receiving backlash year after year, the festival’s organisers will be open to all suggestions and criticism in this light-hearted discussion.
Participants: Devilstone crew and Devilstone audience
13:10 // Discussion: Can Lithuania become ‘the next stop’? 
What must change that the Baltic countries would become more attractive for massive acts instead of being just a ‘midweek concert stop’ on a tour?
Participants: Martynas Butkevičius (8 Days A Week), Victor Diawara (Loftas), Tomas Ivanauskas (X&Y events)
14:30 // WHISPERING SONS / Interview***
Fresh and up-and-coming Belgian act WHISPERING SONS will discuss their beginnings, the post-punk revival, and why Belgium is setting all the music trends right now.

Note: Discussions are in Lithuanian only
*** - interview in English

24:00 // So Bad They’re Good [Midnight Cinema]

The Beach
12:00 // Beach volleyball

Barbablu stage
12:30 // OCEAN DISTRICTS instrumental, post rock; Estonia
13:50 // SHISHI indie, surf, punk; Lithuania
15:05 // SHEEP GOT WAXED post-jazz, experimental; Lithuania
21:50 // WHISPERING SONS dark, post-punk; Belgium
23:50 // IC3PEAK witch house, experimental; Russia
01:20 // SHE PAST AWAY gothic, post-punk, coldwave; Turkey

East stage
16:40 // AUTISM post-rock, post-metal; Lithuania
18:10 // GOLD dark, rock, post; The Netherlands
19:45 // A PROJECTION darkwave, post-punk; Sweden
21:20 // KIKAGAKU MOYO psycho, kraut; Japan
23:10 // TURBOWOLF punk, psycho, groove; UK

West stage
17:00 // A METAPHOR FOR BETRAYAL metalcore; Lithuania
18:20 // FARŠAS grindcore, powerviolence; Lithuania
19:10 // MESSA ambient, drone, doom; Italy
20:30 // RANGER speed; Finland
21:50 // LIK death metal; Sweden
23:30 // SODOM thrash metal; Germany

Lizdas stage
01:00 // EMENT
04:30 // M.A.D.

SATURDAY // 13 July

Mass Hypnosis // Strangers. Aliens
11:00 // RPG Shack: Role-playing games
15:00 // Nudity: En plein air workshop
18:00 // VU Kinetic Theatre: Dance performance 
19:00 // Stefanija Nosovaitė: Modern dance Solo
20:00 // Miss Plastica, Povilas Bastys: Body/Costume transformation, installation art Visions
21:00 // Dance Theatre Okarukas: Dance Performance Birds / Strangers

Devilstone Makeup Studio: every day from 09:00/10:00 until 22:00 
Daily workshops: bodyart–bodypaint, piercing, drawing, art installations, creative interaction

Gamma stage
10:30 // Discussion: Why there are so few marketable bands in Lithuania? 
It seems like the same bands are playing at festivals year after year - this discussion will try to answer why is that and advise young acts how to remain enthusiastic while trying to stay in the market. 
Participants: Emilija Visockaitė (independent music critic), Victor Diawara (Loftas), Tomas Vaitelė (Devilstone)
11:40 // Discussion: Organising concerts and festivals in the wild wild 90’s
A throwback to the times just after reclaiming independence: what difficulties did concert organisers face without the modern means of communication?
Participants: Ugnius Liogė (MJR), Domininkas Kunčinas (Ore.lt)
12:40 // Discussion: The rise and fall of subcultures: 2000’s and today 
Everything about self-expression and gathering of like minds in today’s reality.
Participants: Gabrielius Baranauskas (No Real Pioneers, Red Water), Darius Laurinavičius (Lemmy), Dainius Prakapavičius (Nekrokatarsis), TBA

Note: Discussions are in Lithuanian only

14:30 // MC Growl

24:00 // So Bad They’re Good [Midnight Cinema]

Next to Gamma Stage
11:30 // Devilstone football tournament

Barbablu stage
12:20 // ARKLIO GALIA indie, rock; Lithuania
13:40 // FLASH VOYAGE lo-fi, indie; Lithuania
15:00 // CHILD rock, blues; Australia
21:50 // PINKSHINYULTRABLAST dreampop, indie, shoegaze; Russia
23:20 // LUST FOR YOUTH synthpop, lo-fi, coldwave; Denmark
01:00 // BUERAK alternative, post-punk; Russia
02:20 // HANTE. coldwave, synthpop; France

East stage
16:30 // TESA post-hardcore, sludge; Latvia
17:50 // NARCOSATANICOS noise rock, psychedelic rock; Denmark
19:10 // KING BUFFALO stoner, psychedelic rock; USA
21:10 // RIVERSIDE progressive rock, metal; Poland
22:50 // PULLED APART BY HORSES indie, alternative, rock; UK

West stage
16:50 // PHRENETIX thrash metal; Lithuania
18:10 // AWAKENING SUN melodeath, groove; Lithuania
19:40 // CARACH ANGREN symphonic black metal; France
21:30 // WOLFHEART melodeath; Finland
23:30 // WATAIN black metal; Sweden

IQOS Lounge
13:00 // Brainiacs [game]

Lizdas stage
01:00 // BELL RIOTS
03:30 // INTERIORS
05:30 // PAKAS

SUNDAY // 14 July

Lizdas stage
10:00 // Farma. Good music

Throughout the Festival:
Monster Energy Zone. Skateboarding and biking culture. STILL BMX and skateboard professionals, skateboard workshop Commune DIY, Core Indoor skateboarding lessons. Night-time afterparties.
Games. Various sorts of board games and outdoor games + foosball.
Cocktail bar on the beach.

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