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Devilstone Presents: ORANSSI PAZUZU’s Musical Mosaic

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ORANSSI PAZUZU came into being after two friends went to an EMPEROR concert. They have experimented with psychedelic sounds before; however, that particular show was an inspiration to spice up the genre they have already mastered with some extreme tones. Having chosen to explore the limits of their creativity, ORANSSI PAZUZU have arranged an intricate mosaic of black metal, cosmic psychedelics, krautrock, ambient, and avant-garde.

Since 2007, ORANSSI PAZUZU have released four albums. They all are very distinct but unified by sounds which penetrate the deepest, darkest corners of the mind and space: harsh vocals, rhythmic and intense drumming, and ambience reminding of horror movies. ORANSSI PAZUZU do not shy away from the traditional black metal themes; however, they are in the background. The main focus is on ideas about the impermanence, fragility, and futility of mankind versus the cosmic infinity.

The band arrives with their latest album Värähtelijä, released in 2016.

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