Anykščiai, Lithuania 12-15 JULY 2018

Devilstone’s East Stage: Everything from Punk to Space Rock

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  • DEWOLFF – psychedelic bluesrockers from The Netherlands with a nostalgic outlook to the 70’s
  • Positively charged punk rock TUSKY – first time at Devilstone
  • Linnéa Olsson from BEASTMILK and GRAVE PLEASURES is now the main power of MAGGOT HEART and they are coming!
  • YURI GAGARIN – the first true space rock representatives at Devilstone

Devilstone’s East Stage is one of the main festival’s attractions. Those who desire all things rock gather here; the experiences are sure to come back and make one yearning for Devilstone…

Speaking about nostalgic feelings, we should begin with DEWOLFF, one of the most interesting blues-rock acts in The Netherlands. This band doesn’t need a bassist as they have three analogue keyboards; they also don’t need much help as they manage to record and produce their music themselves in their own studio. They even have their own festival called DEWOLFFEST. Even with that much going on, this trio has toured in three continents and played more than 800 shows for thousands of people.

Rumour has it that the American grand eagle of blues Seasick Steve heard DEWOLFF sound-checking half asleep and though that he’s listening to THE ALLMAN BROTHERS. Nonetheless, the vintage lo-fi groove is too narrow for DEWOLFF’s creativity, and the psychedelic vibe does not satiate the need for something heavier. Their music is much more than yet another fragment of a movie about Woodstock. The band members promise that their upcoming record which is coming out in May will show everyone how rock’n’roll should sound like in 2018. We’re interested!

YURI GAGARIN’s album Sea of Dust should have been playing in Elon Musk’s Roadster, whereas their At The Center Of All Infinity would be perfect when building the first settlements on Mars. This five-piece instrumental band from Sweden are professionals in relaying a solid and structured vision of space rock, making one think about intergalactic expanse more seriously.

Another Swedish collective HÄLLAS is space oriented too, though they’ve chosen a much easier and more fun path of 70’s proto-metal and hard rock. Their sound is a pleasant experience of retro vibes with high appreciation for the hippie culture and all its elements.

Nothing better can ease a tired space travellers mind than a fresh gust of punk rock, right? If TUSKY from The Netherlands would be a person, he would be like that immature friend who wishes to be adopted by FOO FIGHTERS and THE OFFSPRING. He’d be slowly munching his third Big Mac at 4 in the morning while you’re anxiously checking the time as you need to get ready for work soon. He’s the one who loudly plays a song out of his phone while going home and you feel a bit uncomfortable about it even though the streets are empty. But that’s alright as it’s always fun with this kind of friends, especially at a festival. “I was lost inside your eyes, but your head don‘t know shit”, sings the forever charming Alfred van Luttikhuizen and his team gives a nod with weighted chords of 90’s punk rock.

MAGGOT HEART from Sweden, led by THE OATH’s Linnéa Olsson (also ex-BEASTMILK and ex-GRAVE PLEASURES) are vicious, dirty, and rather negative. Rebellious rock, rich in electric guitars and striking vocals, MAGGOT HEART reveals Linnéa’s dark side.

Amongst the first names in the festival’s running order are very loud and extremely fast COCAINE PISS from Belgium and the Finnish power trio KALEIDOBOLT. Also, Devilstone’s anniversary would be hard to imagine without the Lithuanians NO REAL PIONEERS who will be there to remind everyone how high-quality heart-wrenching screamo sounds like.

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