GOLD: Gloomy Dutch Avant-Garde Rock at Devilstone’s East Stage

gold naujiena
  • The avant-garde enchanters GOLD from Rotterdam are to mesmerise the audience of the festival’s East stage.
  • The band is arriving with its new album Why Aren’t You Laughing?

They live by the words memento mori yet they’re so full of life. So much is united under GOLD’s moniker: post-metal, gothic, death rock, and even poetry. Dreamy and feminine Milena Eva’s voice is gracefully complemented by four guitars.

This type of dramatic and elegantly coordinated mass of instruments is experienced best when live, of course. Therefore, GOLD is counting their live shows by the hundred.

GOLD’s work is complex, catchy, and listener-friendly. Devilstone will be one of the festivals in Europe in which the band will perform tracks from their newest release Why Aren’t You Laughing? and believe us, there will be nothing to laugh about.

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