MARDUK Returns for Devilstone’s Anniversary

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  • 27 years of fast-paced and uncompromising black metal has earned MARDUK the status of a legend and an icon in the extreme metal scene.
  • MARDUK’s return is the best way to mark a ten-year anniversary!

MARDUK is one of the most impressive acts the extreme metal scene has to offer. When the first wave of black metal rolled over the Scandinavian peninsula, Morgan Håkansson gathered MARDUK for one and only purpose: to create the most vicious and blasphemous music in the history of humanity.

In almost three decades of playing together, the Babylonian devils have more than fulfilled their destiny. Today MARDUK is as energetic and charismatic as ever, and still faithful to their principles: hellish speed, intense rhythm, and furious guitar riffs. Their music is akin to a universe overtaken by darkness in the centre of which lie the battles between God and the devil and all the warfare of mankind.

It’s said that if one wanted to get a MARDUK demo, one had to pass a face-control of some sort. This did not prevent world-wide recognition and even cancelled shows did not affect the status of one of the most active extreme metal bands. Endless tours, a devil’s dozen of full-length albums, faithfulness to their own chosen path are the key features that made MARDUK a black metal classic, still called an icon even after all these years.

All this has nothing to do with the rising popularity of black metal – trends are irrelevant to MARDUK’s fame. Those who value the quality and purity of the genre know this, and Devilstone knows it too.

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