Meet the First 18 Acts of Devilstone 2020

naujiena pirmos grupes devilstone 2020
  • Devilstone 2020 will host 55 bands – meet the first 18 today.
  • Among the first titles – SWALLOW THE SUN and DECAPITATED to perform on the West stage, BIRDS IN ROW and MARS RED SKY to rock the East stage, and DRAB MAJESTY, KAELAN MIKLA with BODY OF LIGHT to make you dance at Barbablu.

The festival for alternative music Devilstone, taking place from the 16th to the 19th of July, will have 55 titles from all over the globe in its programme. Being the advocate for musical discoveries, Devilstone invites well-known musicians who have paid a visit to Lithuania before together with first-timers. Meet the first 18 bands to perform on East, West, and Barbablu stages.

Check the bands: Devilstone 2020 first bands

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SPOTIFY: Devilstone 2020 ARTISTS

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Arnis February 02, 2020 // 13:28:44
With love from Riga :) We will be here
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