Midnight Cinema: So Bad They’re Good #5, X-Rated Animation and 90’s Action Movies

rubber naujiena

As soon as the festival grounds are engulfed by darkness and the bands are stepping off the stages, the Gamma stage turns into a late-night cinema which screens films that are just so incredibly witty, fantastic, aggressive, and downright cheap and terrible.

The So Bad They’re Good concept of the Midnight Cinema does not change. We’ll be offering a selection of ridiculously bad B-Rated movies, some older and some newer, maybe including that masterpiece about that murderous rubber, who knows?

Fans of animation will not be left aside; though don’t expect any fairy tale heroes: ingeniously spicy X-Rated animation will entice the mind with indecent situations and plot-twists.

This year’s special touch – action movie classics from the 90’s, you know, those with all the vandammes and boloyeungs… You’ve probably seen those one time too many, but all ironic smirks aside, watching and rooting for the good guy is great!

There’s going to be a lot of laughter until dawn – Gamma Stage’s night-time transformation welcomes everyone into the cinema – just without the popcorn.

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