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monster energy 2018

MONSTER arrives again, with a bunch of active friends on wheels, a skateboarding ramp, Red Light Barbers ran by tattooed guys and underground parties.

Skaters and BMX’ers from STILL BMX are going to show off their skills, and, of course, you too can conquer the ramp. Additionally, the artisans of Commune DYI will host workshops and seminars on how to recycle or repurpose your old skateboard. Moreover, the patrons of skateboarding culture in Lithuania, Core Indoor, will not only show how to handle a skateboard, but give lessons too.

Information about private lessons and the schedule will be available at the MONSTER ENERGY zone.

Come and recharge if you’re lacking energy or blow off some steam if you need to!

monster energy panorama 2018

monster energy panorama 2018 2

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