Neo-Krautrock DIE WILDE JAGD – at Devilstone’s Barbablu Stage

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  • DIE WILDE JAGD is rapidly gaining popularity in the modern German krautrock scene.
  • The beginning of this year saw the release of their latest album, Uhrwald Orange which was extremely well-received.
  • DIE WILDE JAGD’s special feature is the ability to blur the lines between electronic and instrumental music.

Can you imagine a typical German landscape, where nature, precise order, and a high technological level exist in a perfect harmony? It’s DIE WILDE JAGD. Having released an exceptionally solid and highly acclaimed album this year, the band members say that they’re writing “hunting music”: at times restless, a bit noisy, slowly murmuring like a dark forest, and invoking the primal instinct.

Expertly navigating the labyrinths of guitars and synthesisers, electronic and live music, minimalism and multi-layered sounds, DIE WILDE JAGD deliver music which is extremely hard not to dance to. Fitting both at a dance floor and at a rock music festival, these Germans manage to sustain a dark and mystical sound, able to astonish both young ravers and experienced goths.

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