Progressive Metal at Devilstone 2019 – TESSERACT

tesseract naujiena
  • The standard-bearers of modern prog metal TESSERACT arrive to Lithuania for the first time ever.
  • Multi-layered, teeming with complex structures music, brought to completeness by the superb voice of Daniel Tompkins.

It’s rather difficult to briefly summarize what TESSERACT is about. Each album is painting its own picture from a rather impressive palette of genres: progressive rock, djent, math metal, technical metal, mathcore, experimental… Since its founding in 2003, TESSERACT has proven to be capable to bear the flags not only of progressive metal, but djent as well, though the band members state that they didn’t make a conscious effort to play complexly – they just did what they enjoy. So, little by little, TESSERACT evolved into an organic, atmospheric, and dream-like sound decorated in meaningful and soulful lyrics.

Well known for their precise and technical live shows, TESSERACT will visit Devilstone with their last year’s critically acclaimed release Sonder.

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