ROTTING CHRIST – Lucifer’s Flight over the Dainuva Valley

rotting christ naujiena
  • Ritualistic black metal #devilstone18 is going to roar over Dainuva valley!
  • The Greek ROTTING CHRIST – the universal classics of extreme music!

ROTTING CHRIST began in 1987 when two brothers, Sakis and Themis Tolis, gathered a group of people inclined towards extreme music. The band started out with chaotic grindcore; however, as the time passed, their rather ferocious music got richer in ethnic Greek wind instruments, powerful choir interludes, intense blastbeats, and unique and unmistakable guitar harmonies. ROTTING CHRIST is one of the most significant extreme music acts in the region, and has been for more than a couple of decades.

ROTTING CHRIST’s creative potential just keeps on rising over the years. The tracks from their latest full-length Rituals, cloaked in expressive black metal and orthodox rites, fully measure up to the best works in their discography. Sound design as pure as the black crystal raises the virtuoso solos and lively drums to the very top of the Olympus; echoing war cries make one feel as the mightiest warrior of darkness on the path to victory.

The band has recently released a compilation called Their Greatest Spells, marking their 30 year anniversary. Be sure that the 10th edition of #devilstone18 will make the Dainuva valley rumble with some potent and rousing black metal compositions!


Get your ticket to this year Devilstone. Current price is 45 EUR. Ticket prices will increase over time. Find tickets HERE

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