The Dynamic and Vibrant Belgians STEAK NUMBER EIGHT

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  • STEAK NUMBER EIGHT - atmospheric, monolithic, and progressive sludge, mesmerising performances and sold-out shows.
  • Yet another band from Belgium joins BRUTUS and COCAINE PISS in Devilstone’s line-up.

Vocalist and guitarist Brent Vanneste started STEAK NUMBER EIGHT when he was only thirteen and not long after that, their debut record saw the light of day. The debut is a musical rollercoaster – at one moment, Brent’s voice is cradled by a post-rock’ish serenity just to be drowned in a sea of slamming and crushing riffs after a heartbeat.

After three more full-length releases, this gloomy melancholy with atmospheric highlights still is the foundation of STEAK NUMBER EIGHT. Nonetheless, over the years, their juxtaposition of light and darkness became richer with new elements contributing to a unique soundscape. Deep atmospheric breaths are interrupted by throat-tearing vocals, progressive guitar passages lead to an anxious anticipation of sudden energy bursts, all climaxing in a dramatic melody.

Last STEAK NUMBER EIGHT’s album was produced by David Bottrill, who has previously worked with TOOL, KING CRIMSON, and MUSE. Polished sound in a record is rather different from the band’s live shows, which explode with old-school hardcore vibes and enthusiasm. The band riots with the audience, not against it.

All the progress and the fervour suggests that the current STEAK NUMBER EIGHT’s discography is only the beginning of something great. They’re worth discovering if you haven’t done so by now, and Devilstone gives you the best chance.

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