The Brits EAGULLS at Devilstone’s East Stage

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Their first shows were in spaces so small that sweat was dripping from the ceiling. However, the self-titled debut album was a game-changer for the Brits EAGULLS: their somewhat sad vibes caught on with the world and soon they were performing at the Late Show with David Letterman. They also have won the prestigious NME Award for the best music video, outdoing such superstars as ARCADE FIRE and ARCTIC MONKEYS.

EAGULLS’s latest release, Ullages (2016) adds even more shades to their dark and melancholic palette. As their singer George says, “We wanted this album to have more beauty in it, instead of just this ruckus or angst. I think we did get that across. There is more beauty in it.“ Messed-up lives, private thoughts, and emotional swings are just a few themes in the album. They inspire the band to open themselves up even more in the future.

Gather your strength – according to Pitchfork Magazine, EAGULLS are able to perform a group exorcism ;)


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