The Pride of Swedish Retro Rock GRAVEYARD Confirmed for Devilstone

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One of the most desirable names in contemporary rock music, GRAVEYARD are coming to Devilstone. Aspiring to be at the top, nostalgic but modern, this progressive/psychedelic rock act will demonstrate ten years of experience on the festival’s East stage.

There are no limits, no boundaries: GRAVEYARD stands out from other rockers because of their unique and versatile sound, varying from classic rock to blues, jazz, and other musical subtleties. However, the band members oppose everyone trying to put a specific label on their work and prefer to be noted for being non-descriptive, multi-coloured, and influential emotionally.

The band came into being in 2006 as four musicians left their previous alternative music efforts. The band members wanted to create classic rock seasoned with progressive, psychedelic, and blues rock. Last September, their drummer decided to leave, so GRAVEYARD announced that they were splitting up. They did not last long without music, however: the band reunited four months after and came back on stage with a new drummer.

Everyone listening to GRAVEYARD understands what their guitarist Jonatan meant when saying that it should not be easy to describe their music if one wanted to. It is not fully jazz, blues, rock, heavy metal – their sound has tiny bits of everything. Some compare GRAVEYARD to the likes of BLACK SABBATH, LED ZEPPELIN, Janis Joplin, and THE ROLLING STONES.


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Jeeers May 05, 2017 // 22:44:31
Fantastic news!
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