The Psychedelic Punkrockers TURBOWOLF Return to Devilstone

turbowolf naujiena
  • Confusion. Chaos. Misdirection. Manipulation.
  • The psychedelic punkrockers from Bristol come back to Devilstone with their last year’s release The Free Life.
  • Groovy and heavily fused guitars, trippy synths, edgy punk, power-pop psychedelia, entertaining live shows, and a DIY outlook: these are only several traits of TURBOWOLF.

From the very beginning, TURBOWOLF just played what they like without any concerns about the genre. Before their debut album saw the light of day, this bunch has extensively performed on quite a number of stages of various importance and was trying to find a sound of their own. The media, however, is still trying to constrain TURBOWOLF to a particular concept… What is it? Rock’n’rolly psychedelia? Heavy metal punk? Electrorock? A bit of everything, we suppose, but what’s clear is clear – they’re true punkrockers, both in their minds and in their music.

TURBOWOLF says that many have forgotten the true meaning of rock’n’roll and guitar music has become “stale and boring” without its genuine thrill and shock value. “We’re trying to shake things up and make them interesting again”, says their member Andy Ghosh. Their actions say more than words though.

TURBOWOLF breaks the rules and invents new laws in their own cheeky manner. Having upped their creative game significantly, these Brits return to Devilstone after five years. Their line-up is the same, and they remember Anykščiai pretty well. Friday, East Stage – an extraordinary performance awaits!

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