The Thirteenth Course on your Christmas Eve Table – WATAIN

watain naujiena
Foto: Pelle Jansson
  • Lift up your hearts! Midsummer’s Mass at Anykščiai will be held by the Swedish standard of Black Metal, WATAIN
  • The bandhunt of #devilstone19 gains momentum – WATAIN joins SODOM, WOLFHEART, and CARACH ANGREN at the West Stage.
  • WATAIN returns to Lithuania after a bit more than ten years.

Even though you shouldn’t have meat on Christmas Eve, we’re going to break this rule. The main trophy of the bandhunt for Devilstone 2019 is a bloody masterpiece of Swedish Black Metal. WATAIN be with you!

Having retained the same line-up for two decades now, these devilish mystics have reached the highest ranks in the music industry and also remained respected among the fans of the genre classics. WATAIN’s atmosphere and aesthetics remain firmly grounded in the traditions of Black Metal; however, the recording quality, the performance technique, and the musical individualism secure the Swedes a position among the most high-end extreme metal acts today.

May your Christmas Eve dinner be delicious as never before, knowing that speed, darkness, and anger in their purest form will triumph over the West Stage of Devilstone. Bon Appétit.

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