The Three Promises at Devilstone: THE BLINDERS, LYSISTRATA, KO KO MO

the blinders naujiena
Foto: Kasper Vogelzang
  • On the first day of the festival, Devilstone’s East Stage will witness three highly promising contemporary rock music acts: the British THE BLINDERS and the French KO KO MO and LYSISTRATA.
  • Noisy but nonetheless elegant marriage of punk rock and psychedelia, edgy power-rock and guitar-thrashing nerds – these are the brightest colours on the #devilstone19 discovery palette. 
  • Unconditional devotion to the audience and music unifies these three very different acts.

There are quite a few factors influencing the potential of a young band. One of the most prominent is having a vision. The three intrigues of the East Stage – THE BLINDERS, KO KO MO, and LYSISTRATA – draw attention with their clear message and direction present from their very first steps as musicians.

When punk rock meets psychedelia… Puncadelic happens. That’s a perfect term for THE BLINDERS, whose ruthless and memorable guitar riffs and contemplative lyrics will leave you energized. Their first EP caught the ears by none other but the BBC itself and the waves of their debut album (released last year) already hit the shores of the mainland.

KO KO MO is 70’s rock music streaming from modern guitars. It didn’t take long for this collab between one vocalist-guitarist and one drummer to get all the French TV audience on their feet. If you’re in no mood for dancing, no problem – you can simply admire Warren’s exceptional voice, which best reveals itself live on stage.

LYSISTRATA could not be farther away from the traditional image of a rockstar. Their work is a powerful, emotional, and even chaotic mathematical formula. These loud and intense French youngsters create a perfect synthesis of post-rock, math-rock, and noise. Yes, that’s right – nerds with guitars are visiting Devilstone.

THE BLINDERS, KO KO MO, and LYSISTRATA are three young bands worthy of a Devilstoner’s attention. They all have recently breached the underground of their home countries and we’re happy to have them. Whatever may come, these are the acts which need to be witnessed today.

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