Tickets to Devilstone 2019 Out Now!

bilietai 2019 naujiena

As of today, you can get the lowest price on Devilstone 2019 tickets. The 11th edition of the festival will take place at Dainuva valley in Anykščiai, from the 11th to the 14th of July. Having crossed the 10-year mark, we now begin the era of Devilstone 2.0!

Devilstone remains a festival of alternative music, art, and extreme rock’n’roll delivering a variety of rock and metal acts, together with a healthy dose of quality electronic music and undefinable experiments. Devilstone offers only relevant music, either it’s a rock legend or a new an up-and-coming act.

Devilstone’s musical schedule will consist of more than 50 names. Nearby, the ever expanding and developing art space Mass Hypnosis will host an exposition of young and talented Lithuanian artists, provocative body performances, and workshops.

The price for a 4-day ticket starts at 45 EUR. It will increase nearing spring, so pick up your ticket at the lowest price possible, sit back, and wait for that one devilish summer weekend.

Get your tickets here: DEVILSTONE TICKETS

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