Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017

Tips and Reminders for Going to Devilstone 2017

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As Devilstone is getting closer, we would like to answer some questions which might occur for those going to the festival for the first time and also to refresh the memory of frequent guests.

Devilstone takes place in the town of Anykščiai, in the Dainuva valley which is situated on the bank of the Šventoji River. Anykščiai is an extremely friendly and hospitable place, and the town centre is just a kilometre away from the valley.

The festival grounds open at 11:00–11:30 on Thursday. No one will be allowed to enter the territory before then, so there is no need to travel early. Unless you are content with a DYI pre-party outside the gates :)

Those who could not manage to buy the ticket in advance will be able to get one at the festival. The price during the event – 65 EUR. Single-day tickets will be available only at the festival.

Three camping areas are available in the festival territory: the active camp, the utopian peaceful camp and the new one at Barbablu stage area. There are two parking spaces: one a little remote from the festival territory (but rather close to it) – free of charge. The other one in the festival site, fenced, lit, periodically observed by security, and paid.
The festival venue itself is lit at night and rather compact, thus reaching one point from another is easy.

All of the necessities and amenities of an open-air festival are in Devilstone’s venue. Beverage, snack, and food stands of various sorts to fit everyone’s needs; bio-toilets and wash stations in the territory and showers (a few hundred meters from the beach). And also the river! In addition, coffee, cigarettes, cocktail bar at the beach will be available. Devilstone and bands merch kiosk also present in the venue.

Devilstone has an Info Centre for various festival-related queries; it acts as a lost-and-found, it provides the possibility to charge your phone (please have your own charger!) or use the Internet. Additionally, in case of emergencies, a medical station will be operational just next to the Info Centre.

Only cash is accepted; ATMs are available in the town centre which is only a fifteen-minute walk away – as are the other perks of civilization: shops, malls, and cafés. Anykščiai is a tourist town, full of historic heritage and culture, so it is worth exploring: the tree Canopy Walkway, the train Siaurukas, and the Horse museum are just a few places, find out more at

It is not allowed to bring any kind of alcoholic beverage into the festival venue. Glass containers, weapons and other harmful items are prohibited and will be confiscated by security. Food and water or other non-alcoholic drinks in plastic containers are allowed. It is strictly forbidden to light fires in the valley, however, it is okay to use barbecue grills.

Devilstone is a pet-friendly festival: you are welcome to bring your dog with you. However, have it on a leash, with a muzzle, and do not leave it without supervision.

All types of photo and video equipment are allowed. As nowadays it is difficult to distinguish professional equipment from non-professional, use whatever you like.

It is forbidden to occupy more space than needed, please do not rail off a private yard for yourself or for your soon-arriving friends.

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