TRIBULATION, IMPLORE, and SKELETONWITCH to Play at Devilstone’s West Stage

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  • The Swedish TRIBULATION are arriving with their new masterpiece of gothic heavy metal Down Below
  • Black/thrash metal SKELETONWITCH are coming to Lithuania for the first time
  • #Devilstone18 – ERDVE’s debut in an open-air festival and the return of LUCTUS
  • IMPLORE is going to deliver some extreme hardcore/crust/death metal

Gothic rock and heavy metal, filtered through a mesh of black metal – this is TRIBULATION. Having started as a death/black metal act, the band has softened the normally conservative sound with each album. As their sound evolved, TRIBULATION became more accessible to the wider audience; their discography speaks for the band’s creative potential, which is best revealed in their new release Down Below.

SKELETONWITCH, proudly titled as the best metal band in Ohio by the famous Kerrang!, draw their speed, anger, and energy from black and thrash metal genres. This rather rare combination of genres is adorned by melodic though superbly intense guitar passages.

Other guests from the USA, a five-piece act SUBROSA engages is experimental doom metal inspired by science fiction and seasoned by sludge and stoner rock notes. SUBROSA’s sound is exceptionally innovative: the drums and lead and base guitars lay out a strong ‘metal’ base where two violins and three voices build intricate walls of gloomy romance and witchcraft.

A complete opposite of SUBROSA’s dreaminess are IMPLORE, a wild grindcore-blackened death-crust band from Germany. They almost live on the road because of their extensive tours; the band members jokingly admit that they are at home only for a month in the year. IMPLORE are brutal, intense, and outspoken and their shows are a literal meat grinder - challenge for your neck muscles!

Members of the Lithuanian underground and projects such as NYKSTA and SRAIGĖS EFEKTAS have channelled their creative overflow to a sludge-black metal hybrid called ERDVE. Their debut Vaitojimas was recently released by Season of Mist; this is the best acknowledgment of the band’s immense potential. ERDVE is the open road to the Lithuanian darkness and are rapidly gaining acknowledgment both within the country and out.

Devilstone’s West Stage will also host the golden nugget of Californian heavy metal NIGHT DEMON and the elegant, ghost-like Swedes CHRONUS. The Lithuanian black/thrash allstars LUCTUS are also appearing at the festival.

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