UADA: A New Wave of Black Metal at #devilstone19

uada naujiena
  • The closing act on Thursday, the 11th of July is the American blackers UADA, who’ll perform at the Barbablu (!!!) stage.

On Thursday, the dark mists of UADA will engulf Devilstone’s Barbablu stage. This heavily touring four-piece act from Portland, USA has released two albums so far and has proven to be a noteworthy creative force in the vein of the third wave of black metal.

UADA’s fierce and melodic sound merges the best feats of the 90’s black metal tradition with the current trends in the genre. Their music finds a perfect balance between the atmospheric and the extreme, the experiment and the rule, the dynamic and the aggressive, making UADA an interesting find in comparison to the European black metal and the current USBM scene.

We’re sure that UADA will win the hearts of black metal fans at Devilstone.

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