Anykščiai, Lithuania 12-15 JULY 2018

Unique Musical Ventures: ZEAL & ARDOR at Devilstone

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Devilstone is proud to present one of the most intriguing acts in the modern alternative scene: a unique synthesis of American slave songs, electronics, and metal going by the name of ZEAL & ARDOR. Their performance is going to take place on Saturday, at the new stage Barbablu.

ZEAL & ARDOR started out as a solo project of Manuel Gagneux. Spiritual work songs with echoes of rattling chains, Scandinavian black metal, electronic music, delta blues, jazz, elements of prayers and lullabies… Yes, all these genres are in ZEAL & ARDOR’s musical output; sounds like a quite impossible mix but the band has found a way to make it work.

Manuel first came up with the idea of combining slave songs with black metal during a discussion on some website. This unusual thought stuck with him so he just had to bring it to life. Manuel says that he was able to successfully combine these two distinct genres because they both have a common element of freedom and rebellion. As a matter of fact, ZEAL & ARDOR’s compositions sound so authentic that Manuel was accused of plagiarising Alan Lomax, an American folklorist. Nevertheless, ZEAL & ARDOR’s work is absolutely genuine.

ZEAL & ARDOR’s debut release Devil is Fine came out in 2016, immediately stirring the alternative music community. Record labels showed interest as well, and shortly, Devil is Fine was pulled out and re-uploaded this year: with a couple of new songs and, of course, with official backing by a label. Everyone seemed to be talking about that album and no matter what kind of media mentions ZEAL & ARDOR, the main point is that it is actually possible to offer something unique and unheard before.

ZEAL & ARDOR is all the rage now and will visit quite a few festivals this summer; of course, one of them is Devilstone. The band will be touring in a six-member line-up including two backing vocalists.


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