Witchy Doom Sounds: MESSA at Devilstone 2019

messa naujiena
  • Experimental doom metal band MESSA from Italy is to perform on the festival’s West stage.
  • In the very centre of their dynamic and versatile sound is a velvety female voice.

An innovative and fresh interpretation of doom metal – that’s MESSA, and they’re going to shake up Devilstone’s West stage. Jazzy psychedelia, dark ambient, blues, drone, proud solos, blast beats – there’s so much thrown into the cauldron and the resulting brew is surprisingly harmonious and minimalistic.

Listening to MESSA is to drown in powerfully pulsing waves of sound, seduced by a siren’s song. No doubt that Sara’s intricate voice is central to MESSA’s work – at times hypnotisingly jazzy, at times wild and fierce, and always of the best quality.

MESSA is truly a great find, both for fans of doom metal or any other genre.

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