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Devilstone 2023. 4 Days [OG] / 105 EUR

The standard ticket for four days of Devilstone.

Devilstone 2023. 4 Days [CHAMPION] / 150 EUR

For the most generous fans and TRVE devilstoners. If you have the means to support your beloved festival and help it grow – this type of ticket is for you. 


Single-day Tickets

Thursday: TBA
Friday: TBA
Saturday: TBA

Single-day tickets are available only at the festival. When purchasing Thursday’s or Friday’s tickets, the full price needs to be paid and the difference is refunded when leaving the festival grounds by 12PM next day. Sunday tickets are not for sale (Saturday’s ticket is valid). Two-day tickets unavailable.


Ticket Costs During the Festival

Full four-day ticket price during the festival: TBC


Super Camp

The nice and peaceful Super Camp is the best choice for good quality rest. It’s a convenient space for families, travelers with camper vans, or those with extra needs. Tickets are available in spring and are subject to availability.


Parking Fee

Three parking areas will be available for the festival guests. The SECOND parking area is free of charge. The FIRST and THIRD require a one-time fee, regardless of the parking duration:

Motorbikes: 10 EUR
Cars: 25 EUR
Camper Vans: TBC

Coach parking is not available in the festival territory but there will be reserved space at the festival hotel {Nykščio Namai} area. 
Motorbike parking spots are located in the FIRST parking area.
Camper van parking is available only at the Super Camp. 


Camping Areas

There are three camping spaces on the festival grounds: West, Barbablu, and the Brave New Camp. Camping in these areas is free of charge.